kXML Project

2002-04-09: kXML 2 passes all XmlPull conformance tests

2002-02-20: kXML 1.21 available

2001-11-20: Size Matters!

In order to reduce the memory footprint and to speed up kXML, I have implemented an alternative to the existing XML parser. The new kXML 2.0 (alpha) class "org.kxml.io.XmlReader" reduces the base package size by about 25%. Both classes are named differently, allowing simple transition from 1.x to 2.0 without compatibility issues. The old XmlParser class will remain available for existing projects. 2001-11-21: kXML 2.0 files updated 2001-11-26: please note: The kXML 2.0 alpha API may still be subject to changes resulting from ongoing pull parser standardization efforts.

2001-11-05: Version 1.20 Available

2001-08-31: Version 1.12 Available

2001-08-16: Version 1.11 Available

2001-08-16: Version 1.1 Available

2001-07-25: Version 1.0 Available

2001-07-12: Version 0.9952 Available

I am sorry for the inconveniences. I hope the size reduction justifies the cleanup, at least for KVM users.

2001-07-11: Version 0.9951 Available

Some serious 0.995 kDOM and WBXML bugs fixed. Thanks to Wilhelm Fitzpatrick, Eric Foster-Johnson, and Paul Palaszewski

2001-07-10: Version 0.995 Available

In order to reduce the overall size, some internal classes and methods have been removed. If you encounter compatibility problems with this version, please write an email to kxml@enhydra.org.

2001-06-22: Newsreader MIDlet Sample Added

I have added a Newsforge reader sample MIDlet to the download section.

2001-05-17: Version 0.99 Available

2001-05-08: Version 0.91 Available

Bug in Element.setAttribute fixed.

2001-04-10: Version 0.90 Available

2001-01-30: Version 0.81 Available

There are quite a lot changes from kXML 0.75 to kXML 0.8. The most important change is that the packages were renamed from de.kxml.* to org.kxml.*

Since this change did not allow to keep compatibility without dublicating all classes, I took the chance to tidy up kXML a quite bit in several other aspects:

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

2000-10-03: Version 0.75 Available

Version 0.75 is now available! This version includes changes for real KVM-CLDC compatibility and consistency. WAP support is still untested - contributors in this area are welcomed.

2000-07-28: Version 0.25 Available

kXML Version 0.25 is available. This version adds an exception if elements are not closed at the end of the document, and adds source code to the distribution. However, WAP support is still not really tested.

25 July, 2000 kXML Now Available

kXML is now available for use and download! Warning: This package is pre-alpha. The parser and kDOM are being used in applications (the Information Layer of the COMRIS project), but the following items still need to be done: