kXML Downloads

Please note: The file extensions have been changed from .jar to .zip in order to avoid download problems with some versions of Netscape. You can either rename them to .jar or include the .zip files in your CLASSPATH directly.

For using kXML with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, please save the corresponding zip file(s) in the lib subdirectory of your project folder(s).

kXML 2

kXML2 is currently hosted at kobjects.org. For kXML2 download, please visit kxml.org

(A minimal pull parsr providing an API similar to kXML2 but without namespace support is available f rom kobjects.org)

JAR Files

kXML 1.21 (stable)

File Description
kxml-min.zip Minimal kXML JAR file, containing the packages io and parser only (no kDOM, no WAP support)
kxml.zip Complete kXML JAR file including kDOM and WAP support
kxml-source.zip Download link to the source code of kXML.
kxml-doc.zip Download link to the kXML Javadoc API documentation

kXML 2.0 (alpha 2)

Attention: Because of ongoing pull parser standardization efforts, the 2.0 API may still change significantly. Version 1.21 is stable and will stay available in the future.

You can also get the latest kXML source code from CVS here.

Old Versions